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+27% Employees agree leadership values creating an inclusive culture

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Peoplism helped us make changes that have had a measurable impact on our employees.
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+19% Employees believe performance management is fair and objective

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A fantastic partner on our DEIB journey.
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+86% Employees report a greater sense of belonging

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This experience set the standard for my ideal company's cultural environment.
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Our Integrated Framework

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are distinct but interrelated aspects of organizational health. To get results, we help you address all four.


Recruit and hire a demographically representative workforce

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Develop, promote and compensate employees fairly and objectively

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Create a culture where everyone feels supported, valued and able to participate

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Employees feel connected, psychologically safe, and that they can be themselves

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From our clients

These issues are so hard to tackle well and Peoplism nails it.

Lucy Babbage, VP of People

I cannot imagine navigating much of what 2020 and 2021 has thrown at us without having the Peoplism team along for the ride with me.

Nurx Lori Medeiros, VP of People

Peoplism is a thoughtful, incisive, and honest partner.

Everlaw AJ Shankar, CEO

Our culture is definitely better because of Peoplism’s trainings arming our teams with new tools to tackle everyday challenges.

Classpass Joanna Lord, CMO

Employees now feel more empowered to address diversity and inclusion head-on.

Grammarly Lauren Groshong, Business Recruiting Lead

I am already seeing the impact on our team, in our hiring pipeline, and in our approach to performance management.

Threat Stack Kathleen DeShields, VP of HR

Highly skilled and dedicated, Peoplism is an invaluable resource for our executive team.

Thinx Maria Molland, CEO

Peoplism has made the hard work of DEI feel less daunting.

Tripwire Head of People headshot Andrew Wagner, VP of Research & Development

The flexible and supportive partner we needed.

SRI Jim Chaplin, CEO

An invaluable partner as we focus on creating a more inclusive and equitable company.

Dana Trader, VP of People

Created a safe environment for our whole organization to learn, share and have meaningful conversations.

Sean Lee, VP of People

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