Peoplism delivers global DEIB training for regional impact

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98% felt more informed about issues of bias and inclusion

98% felt better able to create an inclusive environment

89% felt more included at MediaMath as a result of the training

The challenge

After completing a series of training sessions with their North American employees, MediaMath had Peoplism deliver diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging workshops for their global offices. Truly effective DEIB efforts have to be responsive to the unique cultural contexts of the workforce it is serving - so instead of rolling out a one-size-fits-all curriculum, Peoplism customized our content for each regional office.

Working with Peoplism

"Peoplism revamped the training curriculum so that discussion topics and cited studies were tailored to each region. For example, “resume audits” are a type of study that illustrates the impact of bias in recruiting and hiring. Rather than use the most commonly cited (but U.S.-centric) studies, Peoplism did a literature review of resume audits around the world to bring regionally specific examples into the training.

Additionally, Peoplism recognized that the growing, global MediaMath workforce is also generally newer to the organization than those in North America. Peoplism designed a module around gathering global employee experiences and generating recommendations for a “global inclusive code of conduct,” to bring DEIB-focused qualitative feedback to MediaMath leadership."

Peoplism was an engaged, collaborative partner in facilitating an impactful Inclusion & Allyship training series for our global offices. Together, we wanted to ensure that our international employees received content that reflected the nuances of their region. Peoplism crafted compelling and actionable sessions that were customized to each office and helped illuminate areas for our company to continue to improve. As MediaMath continues to grow around the world, efforts like these are crucial for building a strong foundation for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at our increasingly global company.

Jordan Cohen & Roberta Sperandio VP of Talent and Enablement, & Director, People Partner, MediaMath

The Results

Compared to their pre-training entrance survey, MediaMath international employees who completed the training sessions reported increased openness discussing inclusion and bias, increased understanding of colleagues’ experiences, and increased inclusion skills.

Through the workshop series, Peoplism also collected global MediaMath employees’ feedback, recommendations, and challenges, and synthesized those results to provide MediaMath with insights into employee experiences as well as actionable potential changes.

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