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Does your team scramble to figure out interview questions minutes before meeting with a candidate? Asking competency-based interview questions is proven to get superior hiring results, but it can be hard to put in practice. Our free Slack integration helps interviewers select effective interview questions based on role and level in less than 3 minutes!

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Business Case for DEIB

When it comes to DEIB, there are some complex initiatives that are probably best left to experts like us. Presenting the business case for DEIB is not one of those things, and yet this is something we’re asked to do constantly. So we thought: why not arm everyone with the tools they need to do this themselves? Need a pretty deck that outlines the research about how DEIB is critical to organizational success? We got you.

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Equitable Performance Management ebook

A huge part of how equitable your organization is comes down to your performance management system. We wrote this ebook in partnership with Lattice to give all companies the basics they need to adopt best-in-class performance management.

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Udemy Course

Determined to improve DEIB at your company but don’t know where to start? We partnered with recruiting expert and start-up advisor, Jennifer Kim, on her Udemy course, Diversity & Inclusion: Building a Grassroots Foundation, to help kickstart your journey. This course introduces key concepts and outlines a grassroots approach to building the foundation of an effective DEIB program.

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Building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization can feel daunting. Our newsletter focuses on giving you concrete actions so you can take a step in the right direction.


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