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Our most successful clients begin with our DEIB Assessment & Roadmap. We help you understand how you’re doing across all areas of DEIB, learn specific actions for improvement, and create a multi-year roadmap.

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DEIB Assessment & Roadmap

We start by taking an expert lens to the processes and policies that most affect DEIB. We involve your people every step of the way to generate buy-in, enthusiasm, and increase readiness for change. Finally, we work with you to create a comprehensive and long-term plan to drive DEIB forward at your organization.

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Assessment & Roadmap Impact

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We're charting a new path forward

Peoplism's assessment was a huge help as we were launching a full DEIB program. We had a lot of passion and interest, but we desperately needed direction. The Peoplism team helped us understand where we were and gave us a clear roadmap of where to go. In the year since we've made a lot of progress on the roadmap, and are charting a path forward with our new Director of DEIB. To this day, we still reference the clear action items in the assessment and the roadmap often.

Magoosh logo - Peter Poer, VP of Operations
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Exactly what we needed to go from good intentions to execution

Peoplism's 360 DEIB assessment was exactly what we needed to go from good intentions to execution when it comes to D&I efforts. Our org structure is complicated, and Peoplism was able to completely customize their intake process so that we could have usable insights for all portions of our workforce. They have given us clear concrete next steps, and provided us with all the support and resources needed as we prepare to tackle them.

Nurx - Lori Medeiros, VP of HR, Nurx
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Peoplism's assessment was thorough, insightful, and highly actionable

Peoplism's assessment was thorough, insightful, and highly actionable. Their recommendations helped us operationalize our efforts into executable processes and think in new ways about how we approach D&I. As the head of HR, I am already seeing the impact on our team, in our hiring pipeline, and in our approach to performance management. I highly recommend the assessment to any HR team serious about D&I results.

Threat Stack logo - Kathleen DeShields, Head of HR

The support Peoplism provided has been instrumental

We wanted to make a real difference with our DEI efforts, so we partnered with Peoplism to conduct an assessment. It was thorough, thoughtful, insightful, and the support Peoplism provided afterwards has been instrumental--whether answering lingering questions or speaking with our exec team about key changes to our performance management system. We've been impressed at every step, and Peoplism has made the hard work of DEI feel less daunting.

- Andrew Wagner, VP of Research & Development
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We now have a comprehensive plan

As an executive search and talent consulting firm we have a huge responsibility to help our clients build more diverse and inclusive teams. DIEB is mission-critical not just for our global clients, but for ourselves as a firm. Peoplism’s DEIB Assessment & Roadmap set us on the right course, and they were the flexible and supportive partner we needed throughout the process. Thanks to Peoplism, we now have a comprehensive plan—one we’re busy implementing— that reflects our strong commitment to DEIB!

SRI - Jim Chapin, CEO


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“Peoplism helped us identify where we could adopt more inclusive hiring processes, and were instrumental in helping us roll out those changes to hiring teams. As a result, we’ve improved alignment between recruiting and hiring managers, reduced bias in our processes, and built a more diverse company.”

James Thomas Director of Recruiting, Everlaw


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Hiring Funnel Analysis

Understand each stage of your hiring funnel and how it impacts candidates from different demographics.

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Recruiting & Hiring Redesign

Attract a more diverse workforce and adopt a less biased hiring process.

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Undermining Bias in Hiring Training

Train hiring managers and interviewers to recognize and challenge common biases in order to consistently hire the best person for the job.

"Lattice is a Performance Management & Engagement platform used by over 2,000 organizations. We work directly with People Teams, so we recognize how critical it is to have a DEIB lens at all times. We asked Peoplism to create that lens for us— to help us understand how to use Lattice in the most equitable way possible, train our Customer Success Team on these best practices, and provide DEIB resources for our clients and greater community."

Julia Markish Director, Lattice Advisory Services, Lattice


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Pay Equity Analysis

Screen for disparities in salary, equity, bonuses and total compensation between demographic groups.

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Performance Management Redesign

Take a DEIB lens to your performance management system to ensure fairness and objectivity.

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Managing For Equity Workshops

Train managers to assign work fairly, give bias-free feedback, undermine bias in performance reviews, and have relationship-building development conversations.

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Mentorship Program

Increase upward mobility for underrepresented employees and upskill senior employees with valuable mentorship skills.


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Inclusion & Allyship Workshop

Better understand the identities & experiences of team members and gain tools for being a better ally.

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Managing for Inclusion Workshops

Give managers the tools to ensure all team members feel supported, valued, and able to participate.

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Sexual Harrasment Training

Prevent sexual harassment through bystander intervention and by creating an anti-harassment culture. CA & NY compliant.

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DEIB Executive Alignment

Increase executive buy-in, build fluency in key DEIB topics, and create an authentic future vision.


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My colleagues and I walked away from Peoplism's anti-bias program feeling empowered and frankly, a bit relieved, to have an expanded tool set to help us navigate complex conversations on race, ethnicity and gender in the workplace and in our personal lives. This experience helped us grow closer as a team and we will build on it as we continue on our journey to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging at Back Market.

Natalie Tesfai DEI Council Lead, Back Market


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3 Session Anti-Bias Program

Launch a comprehensive program that actually reduces biases, fosters belonging, and leaves participants with concrete tools to create more inclusive workplaces.

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Managing for Belonging Workshop

Teach managers how to increase psychological safety, authenticity, and connection on teams.

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DEIB Committee Optimization

Harness the enthusiasm of employees to work toward a unified company DEIB vision and strategy.

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ERG Launch & Support

Help ERGs support employee belonging by specifying their purpose and operationalizing their intentions.